Welcome to the site ClassicalHorseRiding.com!

My name is Herman van der Heiden

I have being horseriding since I was six years old, at the age of fifteen I started to work with horses and I
did a lot of dressage, I found out that there was another way of dressage.
I did not know at that time where to look for, but I knew that one day I would  find my way.
Then one day I met Lord Loch and Lady Loch and they told me all about Classical Horse  Riding and Dressage
in Lightness, that’s for me the best school I  ever had, just like  Nuno Oliveira  and still  Sylvia Loch the masters
of Classical  Horse Riding and Dressage  in Lightness.
I finally found my way into the Classical Horse Riding and Dressage in Lightness.

This website is made for people who like Classical Horse Riding and Dressage in Lightness.

I was a student of Lord Loch and Lady Loch and studied Classical Horse Riding and Dressage.
Sylvia Loch has been teaching and training since 1970. She is an accredited instructor of Portugal,
The only British person to be certified by the Portuguese National School of Equestrian Art.

I hope this website will help you and to find answers to all your questions and I hope that you will find your way into Classical Horse Riding and Dressage in Lightness.
If you still have questions about Classical Horse Riding Dressage  in Lightness  please  send me a message
and  I will try to help.